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Jigsknits patterns

Jigsknits is an author of several instructions of creating your own sweater.

All the patterns are available in English, Italian and Polish on Etsy.


Mósaík jumper connects contrasting pattern colors and delicate shapes inspired by the intricate designs of mosaics. It’s knitted with 3 colors of Álafosslopi, Icelandic thick wool.

Available here.

mosaik grey
Nordur blue


Norður jumper was inspired by the shapes and colors of Scandinavian nature. It’s knitted with 2-ply Plötulopi, unspun Icelandic wool, very soft and delicate but at the same time warm.

Available here.


Regnbogi (in Icelandic: rainbow) jumper was designed in 4 inspired by nature colours combinations: rainbow, ice, fire and northern lights. It’s knitted with 2-ply Plötulopi, unspun Icelandic wool. 

Available here.

regnbogi iceland
jokull bordo


Jökull jumper is a result of evoluted inspiration by the Icelandic glaciers and shapes of Nordic winter. It’s knitted with Álafosslopi – apart from the two main colors of the body and the yoke, other eight (!) colors are used.

Available here.


The Torfhús (in Icelandic: torf house) pattern was inspired by Icelandic architecture, especially the details of wooden turf houses. It is detailed but easy to follow as only 2 colours of Léttlopi, Icelandic thin wool, are used. 

Available here.

torfhus grey
blom beige


In Blóm (in Icelandic: flowers) traditional Scandinavian craft meets a modern form. The pattern was inspired by colours and shapes of Nordic spring. It is knitted with Léttlopi, the pattern is pretty detailed and has 3 sizes options.

Available here.

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