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Sweaters with
Icelandic soul


Products made from Icelandic wool by Jigsknits


All my products are handknitted from the beggining to the end. I don't use sewing machines.


I use only 100% Icelandic wool from the company Istex. 


I use original patterns designed by me and other designers and I follow the rules of Icelandic craft

Snowy Forest

Jumpers with Icelandic soul

Sweters in Iceland are made of sheep wool. They are characterised by a big pattern on the joke and sometimes also at the bottom of the sleeves. All the sweaters are knitted in a round which means apart from the arm pits they have no sewn parts. They are perfect for a moody Icelandic weather, can be useful also in mountains and while doing winter sports. Icelanders wear their sweaters almost every day; a lopapeysa now is seen as one of the symbols of the island.

I use 3 types of Icelandic wool Ístex:

  • Léttlopi for the less thick sweaters (for Icelandic spring: around 10 degrees)

  • Álafosslopi for very thick sweaters (Icelandic winter: around 0 degrees). 

  • 2-ply Plötulopi for the medium thick sweaters (for Icelandic fall: around 5-10 degrees)

According Icelandic law only the sweaters made in Iceland can be named lopapeysa. Jigsknits sweaters are made with Icelandic wool, follow nordic patterns (some of them are designed by me) and are made in cicrle but I knit them in Italy where Jigsknits is based.  

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