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All my products are handknitted from the beggining to the end. I don't use sewing machines.


I use only 100% Icelandic wool from the company Istex. 


I use only original Icelanic patterns and I follow original instructions of making traditional Icelandic craft.

Snowy Forest

Jumpers with Icelandic soul

Sweters in Iceland are made of sheep wool. They are characterised by a big pattern on the joke and sometimes also at the bottom of the sleeves. All the sweaters are knitted in a round which means apart from the arm pits they have no sewn parts. They are perfect for a moody Icelandic weather, can be useful also in mountains and while doing winter sports. Icelanders wear their sweaters almost every day; a lopapeysa now is seen as one of the symbols of the island.

I use 2 types of Icelandic wool Ístex:

  • Léttlopi for the less thick sweaters (for Icelandic spring: around 10 degrees)

  • Álafosslopi for very thick sweaters (Icelandic winter: around 0 degrees). 

According Icelandic law only the sweaters made in Iceland can be named lopapeysa. Jigsknits sweaters are made with Icelandic wool, follow Icelandic patterns and are made in cicrle but I knit them in Italy.  


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