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The waiting time for the Products on order: 3/4 weeks


Products ready for shipping are shipped in 2 working days. 

This is a product made on order, knitted just for you. Check the current waiting time in the panel above the product.



Jökull jumper is a result of evoluted inspiration by the Icelandic glaciers and shapes of Nordic winter. It’s knitted with Álafosslopi, thick Icelandic wool  – apart from the two main colors of the body and the yoke, other eight (!) colors are used.


Colours used: Álafosslopi 0051; 0059; 1238; 1231; 1242; 1239; 0047; 9961.


If you wish to use different colours or make any other changes in the order (for example sweater extension) please contact me before.

ON ORDER // Jökull (white&red)

PriceFrom € 250,00
  • Table of sizes

      XS S M L XL XXL
    A 87 cm 92 cm 98 cm 103 cm 110 cm 115 cm
    B (man) 49 cm 49 cm 50 cm 51 cm 52 cm 53 cm
    B (woman) 45cm 45cm 46cm 47cm 48cm 49cm
    C 41 cm 42 cm 43 cm 44 cm 45 cm 46 cm


    A: Chest circumference (2 x length between two armpits)
    B man/woman: Length between the deepest part of the armpit to the bottom of sleeve (sleeve’s length)
    C: Length between the deepest part of the armpit to bottom of the sweater (the body’s lenght)


    A: la circonferenza del torace(2 x lunghezza fra due ascelle)
    B uomo/donna: la lunghezza tra la parte più profonda dell'ascella e il bordo della manica (la lunghezza della manica)
    C: la lunghezza tra la parte più profonda dell'ascella e il bordo del maglione (la lunghezza del corpo)


    A: obwód klatki piersiowej (2 x długość między dwoma pachami)
    B mężczyzna/kobieta: długość między najgłębszą częścią pachy a końcem rękawa (długość rękawa)
    C: długość między najgłębszą częścią pachy a końcem swetra (długość ciała)

  • Returns and refunds

    Products from Products on order section can be refunded ONLY in case of big differences in the size caused by the knitter (mistakes in measurments) or serious demage. If the lenghts are the same as numbers provided the order can't be refunded. Note that we knit each sweater separetly, especially for you. We don't have more sizes on the stock.

  • Shipping

    Shipping cost in the EU is 13€.

    For orders above 300€ in the EU shipping is free of charge.

    The order will be shipped when all the products ordered will be finished.

    Jigsknits doesn't take responsability for delays caused by the shipping company

  • Additional info

    As the product is 100% handmade and stretchy the measurements can differ up to a few centimetres (+/- 1–4cm). If you need to change any of the measurements contact me before placing your order.


    Note that other measurements (for example sleeves' width, shoulders circumference etc.) are the result of proportions and can't be modified in this type of knitting method.


    In the photos the model not always wears her standard size; the photos represent patterns, not the sizing effect.

  • *LOPI design

    Designer: Jigsknits


Are you serching for something different?
You haven't found your perfect pattern? Or it's not in my offer? You need special colours combination? A sweater for a baby?
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