Traditional sweater made from Icelandic wool.
100% handmade with Icelandic thin wool, Léttlopi (perfect for Icelandic sping temperatures around 10 degrees). 


Colours used: Léttlopi 1403; 1700; 0054; 1405.


This is a product made on order!


If you wish to use different colours or make any other changes in the order (for example sweater extension) please contact me before.

Goði (light blue)

€ 179,00Price
Available only on request
  • Each size is characterised by 3 measurements:

    • Chest circumference (2 x length between two armpits)
    • Length between the deepest part of the armpit to the bottom of sleeve (sleeve’s length)
    • Length between the deepest part of the armpit to bottom of the sweater (the body’s lenght)

    As the product is 100% handmade and stretchy the measurements can differ up to a few centimetres (+/- 1–4cm). If you need to change any of the measurements contact me before placing your order.


    Note that other measurements (for example sleeves' width, shoulders circumference etc.) are the result of proportions and can't be modified in this type of knitting method.


    In the photos the model not always wears her standard size; the photos represent patterns, not the sizing effect.

Are you serching for something different?
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